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Practice Facilities

Practice Facilities

Beautifully designed with both Bentgrass and Champion Bermuda grass, our practice facilities offer the perfect setting to practice your game on true-to-course conditions .

Main Practice Facility

The main practice tee faces North, so you never have to practice with the sun in your eyes, and it is easily accessible to the 1st hole of both the North and South Courses. The short-game area features true-to-course conditions, whether you’re practicing from the sand or around the greens. The practice greens roll as true and as fast as the greens you will face on either the North or South Course.

Additional Practice Areas

Other practice areas are strategically placed near Village Homes, so you can wander out early in the morning or late in the evening to work on your game. All practice areas are open year-round (weather permitting), providing Members of all levels of ability the opportunity to hone their game.

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