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Golf at Forest Creek

Experience two of Pinehurst’s finest golf courses, enhanced by gentle rolling landscapes and surrounded by the quiet whisper of North Carolina pines.

Perhaps no finer setting exists on which to build a golf course than the Sandhills of North Carolina, and few architects better-poised to make the most of those built-in advantages than Tom Fazio. With sandy soil, sweeping topography, and old-growth pine forests, Forest Creek Golf Club gave Fazio a once-in-a-lifetime chance to build two premier and unique golf courses… And he did just that. While Forest Creek members may have their favorite between the North and South Courses, one thing is for sure: Forest Creek Golf Club is a 37-hole golf oasis.

South Course

Tom Fazio’s graceful South Course weaves through pleasantly rolling terrain, giving it an unforced, natural feel that fits right in with the broad swaths of pines. He didn’t move much dirt – there was no need. The result is one of the finest routings in the Pinehurst area since Donald Ross walked these same sandy soils.

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North Course

The North Course at Forest Creek was Tom Fazio’s chance to defy convention & move away from a more traditional style. He did just that, exposing 30 acres of native sandscapes and establishing a strong sense of place. The North Course is pure, rugged golf.

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At Forest Creek, we have two distinctively different golf courses in the same environment, but the underlying ground formations – the sand, soil structure, and the pine trees – allowed us to create a distinctive style and two separate golf courses that look like they came from two different states. Both courses at Forest Creek have a reputation of having some of the finest putting surfaces in the game.

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